Kibingo Girls’ Secondary School

Kibingo Girls’ Secondary School is experiencing a renewal as the result of the close cooperation of the school administration, local leaders, and BARHD.  Ten years ago, enrollment at KGSS was less than one hundred students and the few remaining teachers were not being paid.  The Board of Governors developed a plan for saving the school by enlisting the help of local leaders and some of Kibingo’s “Old Girls and Old Boys” (KGSS was not always a girls’ school).  Among other measures, they reached out to BARHD.  Over the past ten years, BARHD has enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the KGSS Headmistress, the Board of Governors, and the PTA.  Besides gradually increasing the number of students BARHD sponsors at KGSS to 102 (out of the current enrollment of 693), BARHD has contributed to improving the school’s infrastructure:

  • A 2-classroom block (2008)
  • A water-catchment/storage system (2009)
  • A 6-classroom block (2010)
  • A 4-family faculty housing block (2011)
  • A bathroom block (2016)

As a result, enrollment has surged and, with it, the need for more infrastructure, good teachers, and books.  BARHD will continue to do as much as it can for KGSS because we believe that educating young women is vital to reducing family size and poverty and improving health in Uganda.