2022–Assembly at BMCK


Bishop McAllister College – Kyogyera

Bishop McAllister College – Kyogyera (BMCK) began as a seminary in the early 1990s.  In the last 22 years, under its Rector, Canon Paul Jeffries, BMCK has been transformed into a highly regarded, co-ed boarding school for Senior 1 through Senior 6 (7th through 12th grades).  BARHD  has enjoyed a close relationship with BMCK since BARHD’s founding in 2006.

BMCK, with BARHD’s financial assistance has been actively upgrading its facilities, recently adding and upgrading:
  • Kitchen, 2007
  • Computer lab, 2007
  • Nurse housing & examination room, 2008
  • Dining hall, 2008
  • Girls’ dormitory extension, 2015
  • Fresh water supply, 2016
  • Library, 2021