University Student Sponsorship

One of the most rewarding experiences we at BARHD have had is witnessing the blossoming of exceptional young men and women who have come through BARHD’s secondary school program.  BARHD has continued to sponsor 69 of these at university.  These are students for whom secondary school was a dream. That they will obtain a university degree is an unfathomable, life-changing accomplishment.  BARHD has identified other bright, focused students who qualify, but we are unable to send them all to university.

BARHD currently sponsors 25 young men and women in University (44 others have graduated). These are students who excelled in BARHD’s secondary school program. Their degrees include:

  • Business Administration
  • Mass Communications
  • Business Computing
  • Medical Technology
  • Science & Math Education
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Social Work
  • Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Electrical Engineering







Help us reshape Africa’s future by sponsoring one of these deserving students!
The cost is approximately $5000 per year. You won’t believe how appreciative your student is or how proud you will be of them!